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What was GroupMail Send Engine?

Once you download and install this space-saving application, you will find its unbelievable and powerful functions: Unlimited personalized emails – make your emails individual and considerate and give your campaign great results; Built-in HTML editor – ensure your emails rich and colorful; Recipient lists management – you can create, import, add and delete unlimited recipient address lists and unsubscribe accounts with hands-free solution; All popular databases available – save your moves to transform files from one format to another; Detailed sending result reports – you can get the reports every time you send mass emails, which has been sent successfully or not; Unlimited resending of the failed emails- resend the emails as many times as you want if they are failed to send to the right recipients; And more features you are going to love with this program. Clearly, Group Mail Send Engine offers you a bunch of fantastic features that will greatly help you in your marketing activities. While at the same time, Group Mail Send Engine never forgets offering the neat interface and straightforward navigation to users, considering saving your time and energy.

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